Tourists and Other Exotic Creatures “Travel makes one modest;you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world” Gustave Flaubert The tourists here are not particularly friendly and rarely reply to the “Good Morning” I say to every person I meet. The locals however always respond. I think of France where, except in rare… Read More

City of Dreams

City of Dreams Paris. It’s the penultimate city of dreams where the men are handsome and the women ‘soignée (I start wearing makeup tomorrow!) It’s the city of dreams of ordinary folk as they go about their day and the city of grand visions and dreams of kings, entrepreneurs and leaders of all kinds  who… Read More City of Dreams


Beginnings I shall go forth, I shall traverse the States awhile, but I cannot tell whither or how long, Perhaps soon some day or night while I am singing my voice will     suddenly cease. O book, O chants! must all then amount to but this? Must we barely arrive at this beginning of us?… Read More Beginnings