The Blessings of Natural Abundance or Why I’m not Celebrating Christmas This Year

This is the solstice, the still point of the sun, its cusp and midnight, the year’s threshold and unlocking, where the past lets go of and becomes the future; the place of caught breath.

Gustave Flaubert

Every morning, around 5.30 I pass the Royal Poinciana and Mango trees.

I noticed the beauty of the Poinciana immediately; the vibrant red and green would make it a perfect Christmas tree if it wasn’t flat topped.

Still, its beauty lifts my spirit each morning as I sleepy-eyed take the dog for a walk and sometimes struggle to set my mood for the day to gratitude.

To me this beautiful tree will always remind me of Queensland at Christmastime.

Adjacent to it in the same garden-some people are lucky! Is a prolific Mango tree, one of my favourite summer fruits.

In just two weeks I have seen the fruit begin to ripen from green to a soft yellow before turning gold and falling to earth.

Because it can be a struggle to wake so early and stumble into clothes, grabbing a tea before readying the dog, by the time I arrive at the tree I’ve started focusing on my gratitude list. When I leave the tree, I start to focus on my intentions for the next year and decade. Its a marker of my morning. In the last few days, the mangoes have started to drop and I have felt an increase in both my gratitudes and power of intentions.

Tomorrow is the summer soltice, a time when the seasons begin to turn. Since doing Goddess ceremonies many years ago I have always liked the ancient celebrations for this time. To the Celts and others this is the feast of Litha, the Great Mother who personifies all that is joyful and generous in life. At this time summer fruits become ripe, juicy and abundant, reflecting the values of Litha who joyfully shares, includes and gives; an ancient Mother Christmas.

This year I am alone and have decided to celebrate the solstice instead of Christmas. I’m not Christian and unless I share this time with my grandkids, there’s really no point for me to celebrate it. This does not make me sad but fortunate, I can relish doing whatever I please on this day. This seems like a taboo for those who have to cope with the stress of the season and many people have expressed disapproval in the past when I have told them of my plans.

But Ive reached a time in my life where want to spend my time and energy on things which are meaningful for me and which bring me joy. I will wallow in mangoes, summer fruits and lazy swims on the day.

But in my meditations on the day I will think of all those who have lost so much in the recent climate crisis; the heatwaves and fires which permeate our country. Those who will have no joy this year. I will ask the Great Mother, Mother Earth, to include them in her blessings of natural abundance, even just for a brief moment amidst the chaos of destruction that has become normality for all of us

Wherever you are, Northern or Southern Hemisphere, may you experience joy and abundance in your celebrations, whatever form they may take.

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