Entering New Territory

Last week I flew to Darwin,capital of the Northern Territory, colloquially known as ‘The Top End” . It’s closer to Papua New Guinea, East Timor and just across the Arafura sea from Indonesia than it is to Sydney or Melbourne.

Everything about Darwin is different to the southern states; for a start they only have two seasons up here, dry and wet. Whereas the south experiences cold winters throughout June, July and August, Darwin and the Territory enjoys warm, humidity-free days in the middle thirties (celsius). Such a season facilitates a sense of freedom and openness, which seems to be a characteristic of the locals.

The city of Darwin has a rich history of wartime bombings, Japanese pearl divers, traders from all over Asia and of course vibrant and powerful Indigenous cultures.

It’s a place Ive wanted to visit for years and only now have achieved this goal.

Nature, of course is stunningy alive here and as I move away from the city exploring the unique earth, air and water of the territory, I start to become so much more at peace and away of 5he powerful spirits of the top end territory

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