Meditating with Pets

It had been almost two years since she’d seen me but what does human time mean to a cat? I sat on the chair and instantly she jumped on my lap, walked around in a circle once then settled with a sigh that said “Do not move, I’m ready to meditate” And so we did for thirty minutes, entering a deeply peaceful state of tranquillity and contentment. Finally she moved and looked up at me as if to thank me.

When I first met her she was anxious and still deeply disturbed by witnessing the death of her cat partner. Her recovery took some time, aided by various healing strategies. After a time she had bounced back to her confident, mouser self but she never forgot my part in her healing and, being a practical cat, took advantage of my visit to soak in the meditation space-provided by my lap

Dogs enjoy meditating too, and depending on the individual can go almost as deeply as cats.


But somehow most never seem to go deeply into the meditative state, and instead are waylaid by the doggy dreaming Rem state.

Still, meditating, relaxing or dreaming with pets is a lovely experience and a positive antidote to any stress the pet may feel in the absence of their owners-and I get to feel the joy of that

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