There’s Something About Woopi

It’s not the official name of course; we Australians love to shorten the long names and lengthen the short. It’s formal name was Willgulga an Indigenous word of the local Gumbaynggirr clan which refers to the black apple trees of the area. In 1868, the European settlers formally gazetted the name Woolgoolga, a name its been known by ever since.

But what’s so special about this small town on the NorthCoast of NSW, a region which boasts many beautiful towns and beaches, both wild and soft?

I could mention a number of things like the local Singh community with its curryfest festivals and palatial temples dominating the hills of the town.

I like cultural diversity and when considering settling down (somewhat), there are some towns along the coast dominated by Anglo-Celtic retirees in which the life of the town is, quite frankly, arthritic in its outlook on life! Those towns I seek to avoid..

There is also a strong Indigenous energy here, and how wonderful that in 2013 all year 7 students at the High School were taught the local tongue

Then there’s the topography of the area; the rolling hills and headland giving spectacular views up and down the coast.

And of course,being a caffiend, I note the lovely little cafes which serve the community of just 4,000 locals as well as the regular waves of tourists.

But in the end its something, ineffable, unknowable which draws you to a place which can lead to you staying and settling to explore and discern the call to this place.

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