Saturday Morning, Sydney Harbour, Heatwave Hangover

Records are being broken; yes its summer but unlike other summers past. The seasonal heat, its intensity, duration and coverage, has changed making it hard to enjoy the beauty and languor of the summer holidays in Australia.

How we live our lives during such a time has changed-aircon is essential not optional, (thank you Robert Carrier for your invention!) getting exercise, walking dogs, doing outdoor tasks must be done in the early morning before the full blast of King Sol and we, humans, animals, plants, must all stay hydrated. Even with such precautions, for life goes on, the heat manages to infuse our brains and melt our mental functioning.

And for people who work outside, their lives are at risk. It’s a killing season.

What was I saying? Oh yes, the heat…

Still, I count myself lucky that I’m not in the small town of Noona, near Dubbo which broke the all time Australian record of the highest overnight temperature of 35 plus degrees Celsius. Or Longreach and Cloncurry in Queensland with their record breaking spell of plus 40 degrees, or Canberra with 3 consecutive days over 41, or…..

And if you had the energy you might have a long hysterical laugh about those political dinosaurs who remain climate change sceptics…

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