Visionary Artists of the Asia Pacific

Every three years, Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art hosts the APT or Asia Pacific Triennial, an extraordinary exhibition by artists from the region. This is my third triennial and I have to say that its the best so far.

I’m not an artist and yet as I get older art has become more and more important to my understanding and appreciationof life. Transcending words, its very nature heals on every level of mind, body and spirit.

The artists from this year’s exhibition are visionary individuals who have created singular works which touch upon their country’s history, culture and changing times to produce unique works of art.

Vuth Lyno, a Camnodian artist, has created a remarkable structure entitled “Spirit House”. It refers to a traumatic period in Cambodian history when a new white, modern building designed by Le Corbusier to house working class families ,was destroyed by the Khmer Rouge. Afterwards, the families returned to live in the shattered building, bringing with them their altars to honour the ancestors.

Johnathan Jones,an Indigenous elder of the Wiradjuri clan, has created an astounding work redolent of the flight pattern of birds, using feathers, shell and sticks.He is fascinated by the movement of wind and he states.

Understanding wind is important to understanding country. Winds bring change, new ideas and knowledge to those prepared to listen”

Aisha Khalid, a Pakistani artist who lives in Lahore has created a passionately beautiful work. It appears like a traditional tapestry woven on the theme of the garden as paradise and yet it is not woven but the exquisite designs of traditional and mythical creatures suchas the phoenix and peacock, are created using small pins.

And then there is the back which tells a different story of inner passion and fire.

Only three artists out of 400 ! So many to choose from. I hope you are able to visit and find the works which nourish and inspire you.

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