The New Puppy

Can there be anything more joyful, more loving than a puppy? She’s called Bella and came into the family at 12 weeks. My grandkids, Josie and Jack, were overwhelmed when they saw her

“How long can she stay with us ?” Jack asked. When they were told she would be staying forever Josie remarked “She’s the baby sister I always wanted- that’s awesome!”

When I visited, in addition to taking the kids to school I would take Bella as well.What a rockstar reception she received from the kids! She would rollover on her back to receive the adulation of primary school kids of all ages. Even the cool older kids, on the verge of adolescence, melted into smiles, kneeling down to pat that fat little puppy tummy.

I also took her to the local cafe where the patrons chimed in on the puppy mantra

“Ahh how sweet..

‘What’s her name…

‘How old is she..

‘What’s her breed….?”

Finally, on arriving home she would find her blanket and fall into a state of puppy narcolepsy, twitching and growling in the deep state of doggy dreaming.

Life is an awfully big adventure when you’re a well loved puppy

5 thoughts on “The New Puppy

  1. That is wonderful. I always had dog when young and missed them, finally convince my family to have one and got a 4 months borador, now almos a year old, and part of the family we love him dearly. Enjoy yours ,cheers


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