Swimming Season

Bathers, togs, cozzie, swimmers; all AustraIian names for swimwear . It’s that time of year when you reassess your swimming gear in preparation for the swimming season ahead. Of course if you’re lucky enough to be in a warm climate where the weather is living up to its seasonal expectations, then you are able to test out your old-or new swim gear in a pool or seaside setting.

And that’s exactly what I did. Firstly, in a pool then an unexpected dive into a river. The dip in the pool was a cold awakener for all my senses which had laid dormant over winter; “bracing” I think its called.

The unplanned dive in the river was quite refreshing and I enjoyed paddling back to the beach

But it wasn’t until I took advantage of a warm and sunny day to dive into the Pacific ocean off the North Coast that a I truly enjoyed the freedom, joy and aliveness of swimming in the sea.

I made the most of the next day’s beaming sunshine to swim again, and then the storm hit.

Crikey what a storm! All down the east coast the storm raged, a harbinger of 7 days of strong rain

Ah well! In these days of erratic, volatile seasons due to climate change, you have to make the most of the good days because, as with all things in this tumultuous time of change, they’re bound to change into something different.

Time for new swimmers I think.

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