Is House Sitting a Spiritual Vocation?

I ask myself this question on the eve of the 6th anniversary of falling into this lifestyle.

Why spiritual? Well there’s an aspect of service to the greater good about it, as you help pets feel peaceful and comfortable in their owner’s absence and also the owners feel less guilty in taking a break.

Of course all house sitters make their own choices but I like to travel light, just one suitcase, and this helps me to live in the present rather than devote time and energy to the acquisition of possessions.

Acceptance is also a critical quality for this lifestyle; I’ve learnt to be accepting of how others live without judging them but of course that is matched with self-responsibility, self-reliance and self-care.

But don’t get me wrong I rely heavily on my intuition so that if something doesnt feel right, I don’t try to make it right.

House sitting has allowed me to make new friends and travel to amazing places-without the self definition of where I’m from.

All over” is how I usually answer that question

In these times of great and disruptive change, I’ve learnt to be flexible and resilient. Daily meditation-I like to think of this as returning to my inner sacred sanctuary- helps me to reset my direction and recharge particularly after a demanding period of travel.

On reflection I’ve met so many wonderful pets and people-some of whom have passed- and for all that I have learnt and all that they have taught me, I give thanks and express my deep gratitude.

8 thoughts on “Is House Sitting a Spiritual Vocation?

  1. This is a beautiful post, Kate. I think what you do does have a spiritual dimension; in many ways, it’s a vocation, not a lifestyle choice. And to be of service to animals as well as humans is a high calling. Thanks for sharing your experiences on this blog – always good to read.

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  2. A wonderful post Kate. So many deep thoughts and wonderful description of your house sitting and the
    people and pets that make impact on you. As you do on them.

    As you make it spiritual in your way it is so, your approach is very different and sees deeper.


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    1. Thanks to you Damyanti! It just suits me at this particular stge of my life and its not for everyone-in fact I’m surprised that it suits me! I was a wife, student, mother and worker in previous stages of life but I think we are meant to change with the cycles of life. I enjoy your posts, so many are thought provoking and inspiring.

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      1. Kate, we absolutely are meant to change with each stage of life–only those who embrace change can thrive; as you do.

        Thank you for the kind words on my posts–I do my best, but it reassures me to hear feedback like this.

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