Sunny Day in Sorrento

Whenever I move to a new city, I like to catch up with local friends. I’d organised with Lorna, my Melbourne friend, to meet at Sorrento and enjoy a day out. It always feels like an adult play-date when we meet; there’s a feeling of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to it as we give ourselves permission to leisurely please ourselves with the time available. We usually laugh a fair bit, share travel stories as well as those to do with our families and grandkids in particular, have lunch, drink coffee, rummage through an up-market op-shop and both of us being nature lovers, explore the natural beauty of our chosen meeting place.

We’d hoped the sun would be shining for our day out but who can plan for that with the capricious weather gods at the helm?

Still we always have fun when we catch up and Sorrento pier was the best option as Lorna was coming from Jan Juc on the Surf Coast located on one side of Melbourne’s big bay and I was coming from the opposite direction.

After one vain attempt to meet, on our second attempt we had the good fortune to choose a sunny day. Just as well because driving through countryside Georgia Google failed me and I almost ended up at Philip Island, another beautiful part of Melbourne but not our meeting place! Lorna took the Sorrento ferry from Geelong, a beautiful trip which I have taken in the past. Still I wasn’t too late for our meeting.

Throughout the afternoon we kept exclaiming on the exquisite sunshine; Ah! that feeling of warmth on your back, soaking into your un-sunscreened skin-so rare after a dreary winter. Naturally, King Sol brought out the best in the small coastal village located on the Mornington Peninsula. We took in a gallery or two before heading to the old Quarantine Station part of the Point Nepean National Park.

This picturesque National Park comprises a range of historic buildings, gorgeous beaches and stunning coastal lookouts and walks.

Unfortunately, the lookout with the most stunning views to Queenscliff on the other side of the bay, was closed for road improvements. Still, we made the most of the time left by visiting the natural arch called London Bridge where we saw whales at play offshore.

What a perfect end to our sunny day out in Sorrento!

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