The Other Side of Melbourne in Winter


This year I decided to do winter. As a summer person, I prefer the bright sunshine of the north and managed to avoid winter’s chill for the past four years. But you can’t keep repeating the past can you? So I agreed to a house sit in Melbourne, on the other side of Port Phillip bay.

In Winter. Mind you, Melbourne does not get as cold as Canberra, with its minus 5,6 and 7 degrees in the morning, but its cold enough for me. So I decided to embrace winter this year and that means hibernating on the dull and dreary rainy days with a good book, staying in my jammies (pajamas) until 11 or so, good coffee, hot baths and lovely animal companionship.

(Two cats, a shy Scottish fold called Charlie and a haughty Burmese/ Tabby called Leelee, both of whom love cat soccer.)

This is my birthday month so I like to take time out before the day and review the past year. What worked? How have I grown? What have I learnt?What do I need to leave behind? What do I need to take up? And of course, being a traveller the big question is where do I want to go next?

Great questions to ask during a long hot bath….

After two weeks of bitter cold- during which I finished two books and got halfway through an online course in stock market analysis which is not really my thing in the past, so its been a challenge-the sun came out and I decided to have a day of exploring the Mornington Peninsula, an area I had never visited before.

But that’s one of the best things about winter; it helps you appreciate what a sunny day can do for your spirits.

4 thoughts on “The Other Side of Melbourne in Winter

  1. A lovely post, Kate. And the images are beautiful. You’ve been hibernating, and that’s always good for the soul (and, of course, makes you appreciate the summer all the more). Yes, I wonder where you will go next!


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