That Cartier Style

Can there be anything more exquisitely beautiful than a finely cut piece of jewellery? Even if we can’t afford to buy it, we can admire and appreciate it from afar. In the case of the jewellery and watchmaking of the Cartier family, I had the rare pleasure of visiting the Cartier exhibiton with my grandaughter, a lover of all things beautiful and celebrated.

Dating from the 19th century, the prolific and sumptuous array of Edwardian and modern pieces which graced the lives of royalty and celebrity were carefully revealed under soft lighting. Most pieces was intimately linked with an important point in the individual’s life. There was the tiara Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge wore on her wedding day, and Grace Kelly’s tiara, one of my favourites.

Linda Porter (Cole Porter’s wife) favoured the tutti frutti style which was popular in the 1930’s.

The collection of Elizabeth Taylor would have been extensive, but she was a great champion of Aids research and sold most of her amazing diamonds, emeralds and rubies to fund the research.

But from all the majestic pieces in the historic exhibition, my favourite was a simple string of nephrite jade, once owned by Chinese royalty, purchased by the heiress, Barbara Woolworth. Its innate beauty and purity outshone all the intricate works of historic importance.

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