Kayaking the Sarawak

It’s a mysterious river of many moods and colours; deep green and lucid in some places, dark brown and opaque in others. At times it cruises peacefully through the city of Kuching but when it returns to the jungle, swirling rapids develop.

When got into the groove of kayaking down the mighty Sarawak river of Borneo, I felt I had entered a numinous space beyond time, where the spirits in the rocks revealed themselves and the noises in the jungle suggested wild cats of all types and the songlines of the local Dayak tribes.

But it was hot, so hot and humid that my fellow kayakers and local guides suggested we cool off under a nearby waterfall.

“No thanks” I said at first but the sight of that fresh rushing water dissolved my willpower to remain dry and I just had to jump in.

Such replenishment! Our energies now restored we ended our 10km kayak and returned to the village which we had visited that morning.

That night, exhausted, I slept well, dreaming of Orangutans, swinging effortlessly through the big trees while leopards and cougars hunted below,. It had been a great adventure

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