At The Movies-in Style

I love movies almost as much as I love books. Almost. Australian, American, English,French, Iranian, Jewish-if the film is good I’ll enjoy it. When I get a chance I take the opportunity to visit my favourite cinemas where I can enhance the cinematic experience with a good coffee/ wine and cheese platter.

There’s something sacred and primal about the depiction of a human (or animal) story on screen in a darkened theatre. You can feel yourself back in the primitive past of our ancestors where we sat around campfires and told stories about the shadows cast on the wall of the caves we inhabited.-if it weren’t for the wine and the reclining seats which can lull you into the comfort of an afternoon nap, but only if the story fails to sustain your interest.

But that’s not usually the case and at the end of my 1 or 2 hour retreat from the current dysfunctional reality at large in the world, I feel nourished by a well told story which has presented another way of life.

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