The Wettest Season

In the top half of Australia there are only two seasons-wet or dry. No delicate evolution into Spring or Autumn for this tropical climate; it’s flagrantly dry, meaning extreme heat-or wet, meaning saturating rain.

But on this visit to Cairns, approaching the end of the wet season, Mother Nature has excelled herself producing the heaviest rainfall for over 15 years. Taking a Uber into town to get some supplies, we drove past fields of sugar cane swimming in what looked like an inland sea and the Barron River lapped at the road bridge as we crossed it. I looked left at Cairns airport where planes where landing in shallow lagoons (or so it seemed to me).


It all made for an exciting journey and probably the only one of its kind for a while with sightseeing being out of the question because I couldn’t-and still can’t- actually see more than 300 metres in front of me ! Of necessity the dog walks were shortened.

Extreme weather has become the new norm with the changing climates so as a traveller it’s no longer possible to plan for a particular climate based on past experience. When faced with these types of challenges in my life of constant travel, I’ve learnt to take an inner journey, reflect on the situation and sometimes like now, practice radical acceptance. After all, I am safe- unlike the poor people of the small town of Ingham to the south of Cairns who’ve had their homes flooded and streets turned into rivers where the saltwater crocodiles now happily swim! I count myself lucky and am grateful for that.

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