Mountain Creek Walk

“In every walk in Nature one receives far more that one seeks”

John Muir


I’ve walked dogs in all sorts of terrains; along beaches and the coast, insuburbs, the bush or countryside and sometimes around city blocks, but my current walk-a creekside walk- has a special feel to it. Located in the hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the track weaves alongside a mountain creek. After a week of deluging rain the water which seemed low and a sparse trickle over the creekstones, turned into a full flowing noisy waterway. On my twice daily walks with my canine companion despite the dampness, I enjoyed experiencing the place revive and increase its verdancy. But its not the look of the place that soothes and leads me into a deep contemplation, but rather its the “feel” of the place. Its the kind of walk where you might see pixies-if you believed in “The Little People” that is.

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day” Henry David Thoreau


Of course if you are a completely rational person (lacking in imagination) you might think that the local council has done a sterling job strategically placing carved sandstone blocks at various points along the walk for resting and appreciating the wildlife or waterlilies in the pond. To me there is magic here; I seem to enter another world where elementals, both Indigenous and Celtic talk to me.

When I leave the area it wont be the famous nearby beaches that I’ll miss but my daily contemplation and communication with Mother Nature.

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