Arakarra Lagoons: A Serene Retreat on the Fraser Coast

There’s only so much beach and pool time you can indulge on a holiday so my family and I sought out a different experience near Hervey Bay on the beautiful Fraser Coast. We found it by accident or serendipity at Arakarra Tea Gardens.Although the name Arakarra means “Land of Many Ducks” in the local Indigenous language, it was the small turtles who were prolific at the time of our visit. The name Arakarra was given to the lagoons by Butchulla Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Olga Miller.

We had discovered this place when returning from a trip to the beaches north of Hervey Bay and remarked on the peace we all felt in this sanctuary surrounded by the encroaching housing developments.

The gardens boasts a relaxing cafe set on two acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. After a refreshing afternoon tea, we took a walk through the tranquil gardens.

“Do you know how many bees there are in the world Nana Katie?”

My grandson Jack is fascinated by these creatures and was enthralled by the “Mabi” the native stingless bees who inhabit the garden.

It was a brief visit, but one which left a lasting serenity in the aftermath of a hectic festive season.

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