In Celebration of Small Things; A Christmas Jewel

The festive season has come and gone in a whirl. It’s only been now that I’ve had a chance to reflect on the stresses and joys, highs and lows of this frantic season. Choosing presents can be a hit and miss affair even when Santa brings them but this year I really hit the nail on the head so to speak when I chose a fancy watch for my five year old grandson, Jack.

Its not just and ordinary watch but one with games, the capacity to record conversations, take photos and videos. In the rush of Christmas shopping I saw it from the corner of my eye on sale in a store filled with a myriad of possibilities for presents. I dont know why I chose that one but I did.

Christmas morning involved the usual flurry of wrapping paper and exhaustion. It wasnt until Christmas night when we were walking to see “Christmas St” , a nearby street where the owners had outdone themselves with Christmas bling, that Jack turned to me directly with such a beautiful smile and said:

” Thank you for my watch Nana Katie, I really love it”

What a Christmas jewel!

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