A Tropical Festive Season

I used to long for white christmases when growing up and felt that our festivities were somehow inauthentic. Now I can appreciate that here in Australia we’re lucky to have Christmas in the middle of summer. Sure the pre-christmas shopping is frantic as you search for a shaded spot near the shops,sure white Christmases look great from the outside with that delicate frosting of snow on a deep green pine tree, but Ive come to enjoy having seafood and chilled champagne for lunch on the beach or by the pool.

This process of being comfortable with a southern hemisphere Yuletide has taken many years. I remember my mother, sweating in a hot kitchen -before the days of air conditioning- struggling to provide a traditional Northern hemisphere lunch of roast chicken and vegetables and a steamed plum pudding and Christmas cake.

How fortunate that we have finally adapted to the climate and make the most of our abundant country and climate.

Hope you had a cool Yule and a great year ahead

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