Mangoes and Macadamias

The mangoes are frozen (organic of course!) and the macadamias straight from the tree. Im staying on a beautiful macadamia farm in the far north coast of NSW where life is abundantly lush. My canine companions are Buddy, an older border collie and Mac a nine month old boisterous rogue who is still teething and mangling anything he can get his hands on. The sunsets and sunrises inspire the poet within as the hot sun of the day dissolves into a mellow pink to greet the nascent evening. And of course at this time of year the Jacaranda trees are in vibrant bloom. Sounds like paradise and it is. But Mother Nature is showing her displeasure with humans in the gorm of fierce hailstorms. She has also decreed that all life forms big and small like the prolific ticks, large carpet pythons and venomous brown snakes have as much right to exist as we do. So I’ll do my best to avoid and respectfully deflect from such creatures while enjoying the pleasures this beautiful part of the world has to offer- while savouring some mango and cracking a nut or two.

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