The Colour Lilac

At this time of year its the colour that gracefully decorates the streets of this small country town of Grafton in Northern NSW. Some might call it purple but I didn’t want to purloin the title of Alice Walker’s great book . Every year at the end of October the Jacaranda festival is held to celebrate the beauty of these trees which make this town unique. There are two weeks to go before all of these trees come into full bloom but some are already there. Even though the weather has turned miserable, you only have to look out the car window or look up when walking, to be dazzled by the gentle beauty of the jacaranda flowers as they fall to the ground forming a soft carpet.

The jacardana is an species untroduced from South America and utilised by the progress association of Grafton in the 1880s in an attempt to beautify the town. What a wise and wonderful decision! When you think of some of the appalling sculptures and structures councils and associations around Australia (the big banana, the big sheep etc…) have made in an attempt to put their town on the map, Grafton’s Jacarandas surely stand out as the best and most beautiful.

6 thoughts on “The Colour Lilac

      1. Oh I would love to visit Japan for the cherry blossom season too but I always don’t seem to catch the correct timing…good thing I did manage to see some of them at other places instead…they were really pretty…:)

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