In Celebration of Small Things: Making Travel Plans

“A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving”

Lao Tzu

My two months stay in this tranquil part of the world is almost up. On Wednesday I’ll take the train to another beautiful part of Northern NSW, Grafton. During the past two months I’ve had plenty of time to recover from three months in France and have reconnected with regular meditation and writing. An old unfulfilled travel desire-to visit Vietnam- re-emerged and now I’m in the process of making it real.

“A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike and all plans, safeguards, coercion and policing are fruitless. We find that after years of struggle, we do not take a trip;the trip takes us”

John Steinbeck

Of course I know by now that the plan will never manifest exactly as I conceive it; it’s more of a statement of intent to myself and the Universe that this is what I want to create. But I have to say that I so enjoy doing the research-learning the history of the country, the language (as imperfectly as I can) booking the flights and hotel and coordinating with friends. This time I’ll have the good fortune of reconnecting with the brother of a friend of mine.There is nothing like spending time with a local to get a true understanding of life in that city and country. But first I’ll be on my own in Hanoi and am excited at the prospect of exploring this beautiful, ancient city and surrounding areas for myself before flying to Ho Chi Minh city.

Recent studies have shown that the peak time for the creation of happiness through travel is all in the planning stage and not the reality (


But I tend to think that its our reflections after the trip which make us wiser.And wisdom is just as important as happiness don’t you agree?

6 thoughts on “In Celebration of Small Things: Making Travel Plans

  1. I do enjoy the planning stage sometimes as you get to learn about the background and history of places, especially if you don’t understand their language. I find that it helps to understand better when you are there rather than trying to figure out displays with simple or no english translations for you to read. And yes, I agree that reflections after our trip definitely adds on to our wisdom bank. Hope you do end up going! 🙂

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  2. Yours sounds like such an amazing life, Kate, although I’m sure like every other life, it has it’s downsides. I could see it as something I might like to do for a year — like a life gap year — after I retire. Thanks for sharing your experiences and mastery of it. :0)

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