We Are the World: The Power of Acceptance

Just what is it that people are seeking when they go to exteemes? Somewhere in their vile behaviour exist fundamental needs for love, acceptance and friendship-they are human after all.

This lovely, yet seemingly impossible story of a friendship between a black woman and a male white supremacist reveals that seeing the humanity in the other, even when they espouse hate and reaching out in acceptance, can be truly transformative. It’s something I need to remember when I become enraged at the pervasion of hate in the world


13 thoughts on “We Are the World: The Power of Acceptance

  1. This is a great story – I love that not only did he remove the Nazi tattoos after his friendship with her but he is the only white guy at his workplace and is fine with it. Thanks for sharing this Kate.

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  2. Hi Kate – this so good to read about – how Tiffany did not judge and helped Michael change his life’s approach – wonderful .. she sounds inspirational and it’s lovely Michael considers her family now … cheers Hilary

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