You Are Beautiful!

It was a glorious day- to use an old Aussie expression it was a “pearler of a day”-to be exact. The temperature was mild, the sky both sunny and brilliantly blue and for the first time in weeks there was an absence of the harsh wind which had been whipping up the sea. There was a smell in the air too, one that could only mean one thing, the earth was coming back to life and Spring was on her way.

I felt good at the thought and wanting to make the most of the day, gathered my things and set off on a walk along the coast.

I took my favourite track along Shelly and Miner’s Beach to Lighthouse beach and like me, locals and tourists alike,were out and about making the most of this day. They swam, walked, cycled, jogged and sailed along the coast determined to enjoy the benevolent weather. At different points along the way I stopped to breathe in the stunning views.

“You are beautiful!” I said to the sea, sky and earth, “Thank You” because I had forgotten how magnificent this part of Australia is and such beauty is a gift.

I reached the lighthouse and started to descend the steps. A woman and her son stopped their steep ascent halfway, I assumed that they wanted a breather. She looked at me and smiled

“You are beautiful” she said.

I was pleasantly surprised, thanked her and touched her on the arm. I had chosen things to wear that day which made me feel good; my red silk shirt from Singapore, broad brimmed hat bought in Queensland, (essential!) shorts from Vierzon, my favourite purple earrings from Paris and walking shoes bought locally. It’s so lovely when other people-usually women – give you compliments, and it is a reminder of how much power we do have to influence our world and help make it a better place.

When I recently saw Al Gore’s latest film ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ I was reminded of the importance of appreciating the beauty of our planetary home and translating that appreciation into loving actions that benefit all who live on Mother Earth

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