Cooee from Koala Country

Is there anything more Australian than a koala? And right now I am in the midst of their country, mid North coast New South Wales. “Cooee” is also iconically Australian; a ridgey-didge, dinky-di true blue Aussie saying

And yet its rarely used today, even in the bush eb

The koalas who have inspired this post are not the real ones: those cute yet dun coloured creatures who live in the tall trees around here. No, Im talking about a whole clan of colourful, creative sculptures which are dotted all around the Port Macquarie-Hastings area. There are Celtic warriors, convicts, Indigenous, spiritual, puzzling, Canadian,creatures to be discovered on the “Hello Koalas” sculpture trail. Each one has been given a distinct persona and original name by the artist


There’s Ziggy,Aura, Crusader Koala, Gum Blossom, Im no Bear and Willow to name a few. I have my favourites of course but can’t name them here; that might hurt the others’ feelings, In a time when sculptures and statues are a source of division and trauma around the world, these ones unify everyone, local and tourist in the unexpected delight they give each day

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