Wild Surf and The Winds of Change

My lips are chapped by the winds of Change

Sarah Vowell

The winds have been raging along the coast for three days now, whipping up the surf into a creamy frenzy. The authorities have put out warnings to surfers, sailors and fishermen and women but still some people like to take the risk and be in or near the water.

We dont usually see this kind of weather on a new moon solar eclipse but there is no usual any more when it comes to the weather and the tides of human life. Both are so intimately connected so much so that one can become the metaphor for the other.

It seems to almost be a law of physics; that the winds of change awaken fear and fundamentalism

Elizabeth Lesser

During this potent and volatile time of what has been labelled “The Great North American Eclipse ” because it falls exclusively across the United States, dividing North from South, we will all be affected no matter what part of the wold we live in.

As with all change we have a clear duty to ourselves. Look after yourself and stay safe while appreciating both the might and beauty of nature and the stupidity and evolutionary potential of humankind

The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself

Michel de Montaigne

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