In Celebration of Small Things: Bourges by Night

I’d visited the medieval city of Bouges betore and this time returned to stay for a while and experience the “Illuminated nights”, a specactle of light, sound and colour  which literally reveasl  the city in a new light.

 At dusk, starting with the Cathedrale de Saint Etienne, different couloured lighting displayed the gothic magnificence of the building while a strange and wistful organ music emanated from within the walls of the now ethereal monument which seemed to drift in a land of its own. Tiny phosphorescent blue  lights lead the way forward as I found myself encircling the building before leaving the Cathedral precinct and entering into the old town before exploring its different ‘quartiers’. I felt entirely safe as I walked and naturally started to think of the people of the past who had lived in Bourges, those famous like Jacques Coeur, Master of the mint in the reign of Charles VII and the ordinary people of all classes who contributed to the rich fabric of the city. At the end of my journey, I felt like I had crossed a threshold of time and space and entered an entirely new territory. 

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