The Sacred Earth  of Ancient France

Last week I visited an ancient monument in France. No, it wasnt the Eiffel Tower or Arch de Triomphe but a more ancient sttucture, the Dolmen de Bajoulière. Constructed four thousand years BCE,  this powerful neolithic monument was later used in Celtic and Roman eras. 

I went with a group who were not your everyday sightseers but people wanting to enter respectfully into this sacred space

We participated in a ceremony  which gave access and insight into the living power of the earth and all the elements which help to create it. Afterwards we visited the green woods nearby. Suddenly they came alive; every tree , stone and rock formation were pulsing with the dynamic essence not only of the ancient land but the primordial seas which once covered it. The creatures of these waters, an ancient tortoise, a croaking frog, a wave about to burst on the sand,  were now petrified in the earth element. The woods were a magical place and it felt like we belonged just like any other creature of the earth.  We later visited a Menhir, another neolithic site but of a different energy and purpose. 

Such a day underscored once more my respect for the wisdom of our ancient ancestors and modern Indigenous cultures with their intimate connection and profound respect for mother earth, something we seem to have all but lost in out modern world.  The night after this special day I had a dream;

An hand offered me an old wooden box with the title “Jeux” ( games). I opened it to 

find it filled with white diamonds and white crystals. And while a dream can be interepreted in many ways, the meaning that rssonated for me was “something precious from the earth” What a gift!

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