In Celebration of Small Things: A Peacock Princess Among the Rose Paths

There is so much beauty in the land of the Loire: its full of Fairy Tale castles and magical places. At this time of the year when spring has suddenly turned into summer,  the roses are in full bloom bringing even more delight. My friend invited me to La Rosarie-which I completely misinterpreted as attending a rosary in one of the many beautiful churches in the area-it being a holiday for the feast of the Assumption! But no, the word has a particular meaning in this region and she had meant a visit to a local rose garden located in a large park with a lake. And peacocks!

When we arrived in the late afternoon, roses of every variety were in full bloom-Cardinal de Richelieu, Wedding Day….all types both old and new grew in bushes, climbed up trees, fell over elegant arbours or stood alone on their stakes. As we wandered around this beautiful place, we were drawn to the cry of peacocks calling to each other- such majestic residents of the garden!

In Australia we have the bush turkey, a dun coloured bird who likes to build its mound in peoples garden whichbcannot be compared to the turquoise majesty of the peacock who seems to perform no other purpose than to be admired. I hadn’t really been close to this bird before and so without wanting to disturb her (I assumed it was a she) I gently inched closer to make her accquaintance.
But much as we cajoled and flattered her to raise her tail to the full height, her majesty declined. Still, it was a delightful experience to be so close to this exquisite creature in her regal environment

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