In Celebration of Small Things: My Little Sin

‘ Mon pêché mineur’ I heard my french friend use this wonderful expression to explain her partiality to a particular wine. I know the feeling!  I have fallen in love with the natural  wines of France and in particular those dry whites of the pays de la Loire. Its not just their taste but also their remakable beauty shining through the colour of the wines. Of course over here its perfectly legitimate to have a glass over  lunch or two then it will be time for ‘ un petit sieste’  and after waking and starting on the agenda for the afternnon, it will be time for a ‘Pero’ – un apéritif- before getting ready for the evening meal -and a glass ot two. There is another saying over here ‘Apres l’effort, le reconfort’- after effort comes reward and mine comes in the form of a beautiful white. But in desctibing my current lifestyle, I might have given you the wrong impression; it’s not about quaffing down wine in volumes but savoring each taste and allowing the wine to infuse your body, mind and imagination. But perhaps you think Im looking for a lyrical excuse to imbibe. Well that’s just a minor fault after all isn’t it ?

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