Au Revoir Australie…Encore!

 I was washing my hair this morning and 5hought “The next time I do this I’ll  be in Paris” and instantly smiled-well actually I started to sing..a French song naturally! The transition to my life in France for the next three months has started and I feel both excited and impatient. When I tell people Im off to France they like to give advice “How wonderful” is often followed by  “Be cautious” but the truth is all life is a risk and when you consider deaths on  Australian roads statistically speaking, I have a greater chance of death behind or in front of the wheel.

I said ” A bientôt ” to my family because life is going by so quickly that no doubt I will seem them soon. But that is one of the things I love about France; they take the time to savour life. Wine, food, ideas, people, all can be enjoyed at a less hurried or superficial pace and you feel that you are really living as you are meant to.

Recently I read an article “Are you the same person in a different language?” And my response is “Non” Of course I’m still the same in essence- a moderate extrovert-but I feel liberated speaking French, able to express (I’m still learning) my more philosophical thoughts which in Australia might be dismissed as fanciful or “heavy” .

So in these last two days in Sydney before flying to Singapore then Paris I’m trying to stay present to the essence of this transition and not give into impatience.  My stay in France will contain lovely reconnections with my existing Frencb friends and also  possibilities for making new ones. When I return to Australia, it will be wonderful to reconnect with my family and see how much and in the  many different ways that my grandchildren have grown.

4 thoughts on “Au Revoir Australie…Encore!

  1. Different languages do reflect the various feel of the culture. My hubs (German) is often searching for words to express certain feelings or ideas and there simply isn’t a direct translation. Now, I’m missing the small streets and little cafes…
    Enjoy your time there!

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  2. What a wonderful way to travel.
    And yes, communicating in another language gives a reflective distance to our mother tongue, offers different filters for our experience and also challenges us to find new expressions, enriching what we think and feel.

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