In Celebration of Small Things:The Magnigicent Trees in My Neighbourhood

“Il fait un temps de chien” French expression meaning “The weather has gone to the dogs!”

In this last month of summer in Sydney, the weather has been atrocious. It’s normally  a time for enjoying the last of the warmer weather and final swims as the coolness slowlys enters the air. But no! Its been raining-heavily-every day so far in March and with only a week to go until the end of the month, the prospect of the earth kissing summer goodbye in a light and lingering kiss has been completely washed away. Of course complaining about the weather, though natural, is a futile activity.   But the  situation explains why I have not been able to venture out much. The biggest achievement in getting out and about has taken the form of daily dog walks around the block-if they weather gods allow.

So instead of focusing on the mushtooms, storms, flooding, damp dog smell and perpetual wetness, I try to make each walk a special and positive experience. I recently read a blogpost from a fellow blogger, Rachel Mankovitz, on the topic of “100 blessings a day” ( and thought I would apply it to my daily walks. 

It may be relatively easy to choose one thing, however small, and show gratitude but trying to (genuinely) list 100 was quite a task initially until I opened my eyes and saw the beautiful and diverse trees which surrounded me..

I’m staying on the leafy North Shore of Sydney where trees of all kinds create a distinct and beautiful landscape in an otherwise bland suburban area. I started noticing their differences and looked forward to identifying new ones each time-not in a botancial sense becuse Im no botanist but merely with an appreciation for their being, and yes of course I talked to them but did they talk back?  I think so in their own unique way. I can say that the experience has certainly changed my outlook on my stay here and what if the weather had been fine? Would I have experienced the wonder of these trees or passed them by in my rush to enjoy the last of summer?

4 thoughts on “In Celebration of Small Things:The Magnigicent Trees in My Neighbourhood

  1. What incredible pictures! The place is landscaped very beautifully. I especially love the 2nd pic, where the tree has some fronds coming off it. It reminds me of one of those old burlesque fan dancers! And the ones at the bottom look like elephants! Have a great (and dry) weekend!

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