A Scottish Village in Australia

The tiny town of Maclean on the Clarence river in Northern NSW boasts a fiercely proud Scottish heritage. Although the early settlers were mainly Scots, Maclean  was sacred country to the Yuraygir people who have inhabited the area for thousands of years. As you drive into the town every telegraph pole displays the tartan of a particular Scots clan.


Unfortunately, there was no McManus tartan because in the complacated world of Scots clans and tartans, my clan is only a Sept and is a lesser relative of the Gunn and Colquhoun clans. What does this Mean?  Search Me!  Only that I couldn’t locate a colourful tartan on a pole for a selfie. Though the hills are a lush green, the town has very much an Australian climate and bears little ressemblance to a Scots town other than the name. The cairn at the top of the hill commemorating the clans  gives a breathtaking view of the picturesque region and the mighty Clarence river.


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