In Celebration of Small Things: It’s never too late to learn

20170131_075548As I watch my one of my grandchildren start school and one return this week,  I can’t help but think about  the rapid pace of their learning. It’s a great joy to witness their little minds expand and it causes me to ponder my own journey of lifelong learning. This week I was contacted by an Australian house sitting website and asked if I could write a sentence on what I like best about the housesitting lifestyle.

“Constant learning” was something that came up after some reflection. No two house sits are the same, nor owners or pets. I have to learn how things tick and how to relate to each individual pet. Even when I return to previous house sits, changes have occurred and I need to adapt.  But I have always loved variety and the opportunity to learn-its what I used to do in my profession. Not that I want to bore you with what I used to do and who I used to be ! To quote Christopher Marlowe “That was another country and besides the wench is dead” .

As I reflect on the learning opportunities in my life, I’m fortunate to be able to  constantly refine and polish my French which occurs as I skype my French friend each week.I can see how much I’ve improved-and how far I have to Go!  This week, I started an online learning course, purely for the pleasure of learning. FutureLearn ( ww courses allow me to study online at my own pace those topics which interest me and these change over time. I started with Nutrition and Wellness at Dundee University, Explored Play, Started Writing Fiction, and am currently learning about gravity, black holes and gravitational waves at Paris Diderot University. Ive never been  scientifically inclined but the exciting discoveries of recent times of how our Universe works has piqued my interest and  I’ve changed. As much as learning is important, so too is unlearning. We live in an evolving Universe which is expanding at an exponential rate. Old views,  values, beliefs, self definitions and behaviours are falling away-even if it seems like the forces of resistance to change are at their peak. I am hopeful for the future of our planet and spcies when I see the powerful innate capacity for learning and change in the young ones. After all we humans are made for change, even if  we so passionately resist it.


7 thoughts on “In Celebration of Small Things: It’s never too late to learn

  1. Some very profound thoughts this week, Kate!! I do have to agree that you never stop learning and I think most of us enjoy the challenge of new things as long as we do not feel constantly bombarded by it. I’m in the middle of learning for an exam soon and getting my head around new concepts has been interesting and quite invigorating – although I’m really not looking forward to being in an exam room. Have a very enjoyable week 🙂
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

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  2. I completely agree with you – learning new things is awesome and I think it makes you feel young. It’s impressive you Skype to your French friends. Learning another language is especially hard. I’ve been in Egypt for 23 years and still don’t have enough vocabulary to understand Egyptian TV. Have a lovely weekend!

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