Canberrans agree: Let Them Eat Cake!

The exhibition of “Versailles” at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra is a sumptuous taste of the spectacular treasures of the royal places of Versailles, France. As the Gallery’s summer blockbuster exhibition it is a popular success judging by the crowds of tourists and locals in attendance when I visited this week. In fact, it was often hard to find the space to take photos, which explains why some of the shots in this post are somewhat blurry.

On show were paintings, sculptures, furniture, porcelain, rugs, tapestries and design sketches all exquisite in their richness and beauty, which had been transported from Versailles to Australia for the first time. Each piece tells a story of the artists who made them and the Kings,  Queens, Mistresses and Ministers who inspired them.

Whether Marie Antoinette actually uttered that historic  phrase is doubtful but I can state that Canberrans are gluttons for more of these incredible treasures from the French palaces20170111_114105

As the exhibition was meant to entice visitors to visit the real Versailles, I thought how lucky I was to be visiting Paris in May when I will be able to appreciate the full splendour of these remarkable historic monuments.


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