A Thousand Miles From Care

“Seven Miles from Sydney and a Thousand Miles From Care” Such were the words on a popular 1920’s tourist poster advertising the pleasures of  Manly, which boasts both Surf and Harbour beaches. On a brief visit to Sydney I decided to reacquaint myself with the journey by ferry to a familiar place from my childhood.

The Harbour is the best thing about Sydney and the ferries are one of the best ways to explore the area-unless you have your own boat. I was very fortunate in earlier times to have caught a ferry to and from work every day and recall the gentle unwinding offered by the boat moving through the swells.  The Manly ferry takes longer than  the journey from Mosman to Sydney and on a Saturday attracts tourists from all over the world, happy to be at sea and enjoying the splendid harbour views for a very small cost. Disembarking with my fellow passengers at the Manly Quay,  we joined the throng of pleasure seekers, bent on exploring the beaches.  The town had changed somewhat yet most of the places of my youth remained. The town hall, Aquarium and of course the beach. I decided to leave the town and do the beautiful foreshore walk along the cliffs to Fairlight. The heat increased  and I stopped at picturesque spots along the way to rehydrate and rest. Strains of the Beach Boys music, the essential summer soundtrack, drifted from a home along the path and I reflected on past happy summers when the cares of the world remained in the heart of the city.20161217_123806


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