Are Numbers More Important Than Words ?

As bloggers and writers, we know the power of words but what of the power of

Are Numbers More Important Than Words ?

As bloggers and writers, we know the power of words but what of the power of numbers? My grand-daughter turned 7 this week  which gave me pause for thought on the importance of numbers in our lives and how they can be used to limit or liberate.  Age is not something that concerns me when it comes to my choice of friendships-quite frankly  I have little in common with most people my age- and have friends both younger and older than me. So too with numbers in a bank account-I have friends who have more and less zeroes in their personal finances than me. But when I look at modern society, such numeric categories are used to divide and constrain rather than unify. We seem to have forgotten that age is an artifical construct  as is the value we place on a dollar. Recently, while cycling and walking  along the esplanades of the Gold Coast, I tuned into conversations of groups separated  by age and gender.  Even the young ones were talking about the millions spent on the purchase and renovation of beachside properties. Is that the only thing that consumes the Australian psyche today?

And then there is modern politics which is all about numbers. Polls have taken the place of oracles who once read the future in the entrails of goats. Leadership, vision, ethics, values, commitment, such important aspects of modern civics  are all subsumed in the analysis of numbers.

But getting back to my grandaughter, Josie,  who has now reached the age of reason and is able to share her thoughts on the deeper issues of life. She may be literally seven but in many ways she can be thirty-seven and recently wrote a letter to her mum and dad asking them to be “more fancy”!

She can hardly wait until she is 17 and I take her to Paris, the most elegant city in the world. That’s only 10 years away but what is in a Number?


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