Have I Made The Most of It?


It’s approaching the end of another house sit and the reflection process has started.

I always ask myself the question:
Have I Made the Most of It?
Every house sit offers learning opportunities both big and small, adventures both anticipated and surprising, as well as a challenge or two. Sometimes If I’m lucky, I reconnect with friends both human and animal, getting to deepen the friendships and learn what’s been happening in their lives since we last met. In today’s world it’s possible thanks to technology, to be closer to people far away than those next door. But it is lovely to also meet up in the flesh.With either situation, it’s the quality of the connection that matters.
Occasionally, I might make new friends but that is something beyond my powers of orchestration -its synchronicity or serendipity. When that doesn’t happen I take the opportunity to get to know myself a little better. While there’s a lot I can plan and prepare for there are also circumstances and situations that can be beyond my control, and that can be a good thing.
But making the most of it doesn’t have to mean “big “experiences but the hundreds of small daily occurrences that enrich each moment.
Today I asked myself as I walked back from the beach “ have I expressed gratitude for these magnificent pink Frangipani flowers which fall at my feet (I love alliteration don’t you)?”
Samoa, Vanuatu, New Caledonia-They bring such a potent aroma of the languid Islands of the Pacific.
I set a goal to swim in the sea every day and apart from two days I have achieved it. The water is Divine but being the ever changing matrix from which all life sprang, it is tempestuous and not to be taken for granted.
“Respect the Conditions” read the sign from the life savers this morning, which could be a slogan for current modern day Life! Take nothing for granted and adapt to the changing winds and tides.

Then there is my feline companion, Maggie or as I like to call her Miss Maggie Muggle. What have I Learnt from her and what has she taught Me? Once again, I get to experience those mystetious feline powers such as knowing when her owners are on their way home and deciding to be REALLY affectionate to me because she knows I’ll be leaving soon. Like many cats, she likes to drink water from the tap over the bath and I, willing slave, accommodate her. But though she is blind and almost completely deaf she has a strong spirit and certainly makes the most of each day. I’m sure she will leave this planet exactly when she feels like it.
Not only is it almost the end of the house sit but it’s almost the end of another year. A time for all of us to again reflect and ask
“Have I Made the Most of It? ‘

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