The Best Croissants In The World Are Made In….Melbourne!

I adore croissants, there’s  just something so light yet nourishing about these French delicacies. When I visited France earlier this year (see copious previous posts) I loved my morning routine of cycling to the ‘Artisan Boulanger’ to purchase freshly made croissants for my morning tea. Nine times out of ten these delicacies never made it home as I stopped several times on the way back to make sure they were fresh.Back in Australia I continued the tradition, though the taste experience was not the same.

I seem to have transmitted my love of these pastries to my grandson Jack who always orders one when we visit a cafe. The croissant or “crescent” was originally created in Austria in 1683 to celebrate a victory over the Ottoman Turks and eventually  came to be known as the croissant when an Austrian Princess married King Louis XVI of France.

I have to say that I had a hard time readjusting to life in Australia and when I recently returned to Melbourne, I was determined to find the cafe which produced “The best croissants in the world” according to an article in the New York Times which my French friend had kindly sent me.

I went with my Melbourne friend on a Saturday, prepared to wait in the queque for the superior culinary connoction. I became aware of the irony of going to Lune croissanterie on a full moon and hoped that my desires would be fulfilled.

What bliss! What a sublime experience! I had never tasted a croissant-and I consider myself to be an ‘afficionado’-as wonderful as this before. The flakiness was soft not brittle, the texture melting on the tongue yet not doughy,the colour a soft yellowish brown. What an epicurean delight!



When I became conscious again I looked around the croissanterie which had been established in a converted warehouse in Fitzroy. Everything was extremely clean with large glass panels surrounding the chefs at work. They seemed to take infinitisimal care in measuring the exact amount of dough necessary for each pastry and yet the mood amoung the young workers seemed lighthearted. Perhaps it was that which contributed to the delightful morning my friend and I shared

at the best croissanterie in the world.





5 thoughts on “The Best Croissants In The World Are Made In….Melbourne!

  1. I loved your line – “When I became conscious again …” – wow these must be good as you can directly compare with French croissants which I have to say are just divine. I did buy freshly baked croissants yesterday afternoon for our breakfast this morning here in jolly old England so I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’re going to live up to my expectation but I think they will fall pretty far short of your Melbourne bakery 🙂 Have a great weekend – Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

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