The Healing Power of the Australian Bush

Whenever I go into the bush I start to release rension in my body and mind. There is something so refreshing about being surrounded by flora which has unique healing properties. When I was younger and absorbed in the ordinary worlds of work, parenting and studying, I would always look for tiny opportunities to get close to nature and if possible the bush. When walking through the bush I used to imagine  that I was opening the top of my head for the branches of the Eucalpts and Ironbarks to enter my mind, scour it of all stress and habitual thoughts so that clarity and tranquillity returned.

Later in life I learnt about the healing properties of the plants and trees when studying Flower Essences

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Of course the Australian bush is a living thing and in some places-the ones less well known or visited-you can feel an even more potent healing presence. Like Point Addis in Victoria. I wrote an earlier post about the place but this week after making a return visit, I experienced its power anew.

I always receive clear guidance and inspiration after I’ve taken the Koori culrural walk to a magnificent outlook. When I arrive at the top, I take some time to centre myself before meditating. There is a strong Indigenous presence in this place and I am reminded of the intimate relationship between the Aboriginal people and the land. You really can’t separate them.


It seems like Australians of European descent such as myself, are only now becoming aware of how sophisticated the relationship was between the Indigenous clans and the land.

At the end of my meditation, I give thanks to the Spirits and Ancestors of this special place before continuing my journey.

5 thoughts on “The Healing Power of the Australian Bush

  1. What gorgeous trees! And a great view of the water as well. I was lucky enough to grow up next to a large lake surrounded by woods. Now that I’m in the middle of suburbia, I have to drive first to walk in a forest, but it is so worth it.

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  2. Thank you for sharing……the relationship was between the Indigenous clans and the land is such a true comment…..yet something that is missed by so many. I experience it with the Maya people and their lands…the connection is real and strong… is a wonderful blessing for you to experience this in the bush just as it is for me to experience here in the jungles and oceans and people….Its so nice to hear another individual with same experience…..Blessings to you


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