In Celebration of Small Things: A Cottage in the Trees

When I walk in the door and see the view, any stress in my body and mind melts away. I feel welcomed and experience a warm glow from being in this small cottage surrounded by trees. I first came here four years ago in between house sits and fell in love with the place.This time the lake is in full flood and waterbirds of all kinds pass by the large window each morning. The cottage is situated at a distance from the main house and is permeated with tranquillity. I sleep so well here, and my meditation has a different quality. But I am not alone and have many visitors, The possum family is still entrenched and each night right on sunset, I hear the thump on the roof and skittering inside before they settle down for the night in the hollow of the roof. I’ve gotten used to them now and only occaisionally do they get to be a noisy problem if I happen to be here during the mating season. A kookaburra regularly visits in the hope I will feed him meat but being vegetarian I have none. I do have birdseed however, and leave some on the feeders attached to the trees. The parrots, galahs and firetail finches all come by for their meal. The king parrots are so tame that I can feed them by hand as this breed seems to have no fear of humans. But on this visit a currawong has been trying to scare away the other birds so that she ( I think she might be a mum) can grab it all. She may not be as brightly coloured or iconic as the other Australian birds but she is very clever nonetheless.
Spending time gazing out at the bush and all the busy wildlife is immensely healing and feeds my soul in subtle ways which I can neither name nor explain.

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