Horti-Couture: Canberra’s Creative Blooms

Floriade is the spring festival for Canberra folk and tourists. The city’s cool climate (in winter) lends itself to vibrant floral displays when spring finally hits, which happens most years in September. This year however, has been excessively wet and the blooms were dampened and droopy in Commonwealth Park on the first weekend of the festival. I usually visit most years around about this time and can recall those bright blue sky days when every bulb managed to open in perfect symetry with its neighbours in adjacent rows. This year I squeezed my visit in between days of soaking rain and was rewarded with some brilliant tulip displays. However It was a display by local artists which really caught my eye. The creative competitors were only allowed six hours in which to weave together a dress using blooms, leaves,


twigs and textures.

The results were remarkable and bought such joy and happiness to every person entering the marquee where they were displayed.
It again helped me appreciate the importance of creativity in all forms in fostering joy, peace and happiness in society. What a shame it is so undervalued in Australia!

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