In Celebration of small Things; A Dog Beach

Most dogs, big or small, pedigree or mongrel, love the beach. It’s a place of freedom where they can run wild together or alone. Some bark at the waves as though they were strangers intruding in their territory, others jump and dive in the surf while their more serious minded companions stroll purposefully along the sand. My current companion, part beagle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, starts out with a stroll but once she is off her leash breaks into a mad dash of the length of the beach. She always looks back to see that I am still there.
I am very grateful that the local councils have dedicated part of the beautiful coastline of Northern NSW to the exclusive enjoyment and pleasure of our canine friends. After all a happy dog brings happiness to both their owner and the local community.

10 thoughts on “In Celebration of small Things; A Dog Beach

  1. Here in SW France the dogs are only allowed on the beach from October to May. But we are lucky we have fantastic dog walks around us during the summer, through the fields and vineyards, the dogs always run free. The minute I pick up their leads they are by the front door, wagging their tails with excitement!

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  2. That’s terrific! I think there are dog parks in the west, but I’ve never heard of a dog beach. It’s really nice they get a place to have fun just like people. Have a lovely weekend!

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