In Celebration of Small Things: A Walk in the Park

The Romans had a saying for it “Mens Sano In Corpore Sano” , a healthy mind in a healthy body. Well, they had a saying for most things didn’t they? And yet modern science has proved the what’s good for the body is also good for the mind. I know that I cant think straight or come up with any creative ideas without a good dose of daily exercise. You can imagine that I was somewhat shocked to find that the new homeowners didn’t walk their dogs. I have never known a dog yet that didn’t enjoy a walk. All those new smells and potential doggy friends to make! I asked the owners who were delighted with my offer and set about finding a local park .One of the dogs has a heart murmur so we took her for a small walk each morning then took the younger fitter one on a longer walk. The walk took us down a steep hill to a local pathway shared with cyclists, mums pushing prams at a brisk pace and dawdlers of all varieties and types. My canine companion was extremely well behaved for her first walk but couldn’t pass up the cornucopia of smells in the tropical park which borders a lovely creek. Her first encounter with a brush turkey was almost comical as she put her head on her side then let the native inhabitant slowly pass.
On our first walk, the sun shone as the trees of every native type, many PCC (Pre Captain Cook) provided shade and obscured the blue sky. It was a beautiful place to walk, think, appreciate and celebrate the simple pleasure of a beautiful space not far from the busy main roads and suburban shopping centre nearby.

7 thoughts on “In Celebration of Small Things: A Walk in the Park

  1. Reading this post is like taking a walk in Australia. Which I don’t normally get to do, since I live in upper Michigan. I like to take walks in my own home ground. I have some woods in the back of my property and I like seeing the wildlife there. Except the mosquitos. And bears. I know there are bears back there but I have so far in 25 years managed not to see them. Which is fine with me.

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