Art-ificial Divisions

Whenever I return to Brisbane I always look forward to the first of many visits to both QAG (Queensland Art Gallery) and GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art). Just as Brisbane City changes with each visit- the continuous building and rebuilding spiral seems to increase at an astonishing pace-so the Galleries reflect changing perceptions and attitudes. On a sparkling and warm winter’s Sunday -it’s the only capital city in Australia guaranteed to be warm in winter- I visited the galleries to explore the current exhibitions. I was struck by the International and Asian collections in which artworks from different regions and continents were juxtaposed. Such a mélange of artworks, time periods and places seemed to enhance each piece reflecting it’s individuality and yet it’s connection to the different pieces.

Australian art, European art, Arabic art, Asian art-we are so used to these divisions

based on culture and race. If only we could follow the Gallery’s lead in other areas of life and value the uniqueness and beauty of a person, place or thing and not have to constantly define it by culture and race.

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