In Celebration of Small Things:Sunshine in Winter

In Celebration of Small Things : Sunshine in Winter

It is the artist’s business to create sunshine when the sun fails”
Romain Roland
It makes all the difference to the quality of your day and over time, your life. When that golden orb starts to penetrates the clouds, my body responds with a smile and no matter how dreary the news is, I instantly feel more positive on a crisp winter’s day. I left Canberra behind which had experienced an equal share of sunny but colds days as well as miserable grey ones. I counted myself lucky to be here on the Gold Coast, famous for tanned bodies, bright clothing and endless sunshine. But a full week has passed without ANY sun. That’s right NO sun on the famous coastal beaches of Queensland.
You can probably tell how I feel about that. So I am forced to remind myself as with many things in life, that the sun is always there, I just can’t see ii.  In these times it is up to me to brighten up my life and therefore help to positively affect veryone who is part of my life. And there’s always next week when I’ll be travelling further north where sunshine is guaranteed. Perhaps.

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