Those $#@%! Blogging Badges

Before I start I want to point out that I am neither a luddite nor stupid. And if, after reading this post, you feel inclined to offer me advice on how to add a badge to my blog, please reconsider.

“It’s easy, just…” and so bloggers have expl1ined how to  add their badge to my sidebar and although I have followed their instructions to a t or should I say “B”  for badge, it has never worked for me. “How hard can it be?” I told myself devoting hours to this -now that I look at it-meaningless quest. There was an element of stubborn pride and an old element of never giving up deriving from hearing stories when younger of Robert the Bruce, a famous Scot who failed many times and eventually succeeded. Nowadays if something is that resistant, I let it go and put my energiies elsewhere. When younger bloggers become aware of my age I frequently find an ageist assumption arises that I can’t do this task because of my age because we all know that you loose your mental capacities as you get older dont we?

So here they are-all together in one post dedicated to their blogging “badgeness”. I hope you enjoy them,

AtoZ challenge 2016

WrteEditPublish blogfests

Cherish blogfests

6 thoughts on “Those $#@%! Blogging Badges

  1. Nope, some templates do not allow an easy way to add badges, and it’s honestly not worth the work! What I do is add a tab (page) to my menu at the top with the current badges/events I want my readers to know about. If you want a Badge page of your past and current connections, that’s what I suggest. Otherwise, totally don’t sweat it.

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