Baguettes in my backpack

Baguettes in my backpack







Now that I’m back in Australia reacclimatising to a different lifestyle, I’ve started reflecting on the big and small changes in my life after two months in France. I love the French way of life, in particular how they take time to savour the earthly pleasures of food and wine. ‘Après  l’effort,  le réconfort’  (after effort comes the reward) What a great approach to life ! I applied myself diligently to this philosophy by cycling or walking to the nearest ‘Artisan Boulanger’. My blue roll up back pack became a convenient container for both the essentials and rewards of life- croissants, (or a  pastry if these weren’t available) the daily journal and of course that staple of every French meal the baguette. I was glad that these iconic staples of life didn’t fit completely in the backpack and  with the top half proudly on display I felt like a local going about her daily business of balancing work and pleasure.

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