Y is for You, Yes You Dear Reader

Y is for You, Yes You Dear Reader!







We’re  getting close to the end of the AtoZ Blogfest. It’s been great but I’ll  be glad when its finished.  Writing a post every day can be a bit daunting and then I think about you dear reader, and how tired you must be when reading my daily meandering thoughts.
But this is what I love about blogging; it’s not just an opportunity to condense and solidify my travel experiences or thoughts on life, the universe etc.,  it’s the opportunity to get to meet you, the reader-well those of you who have a blog-and read your take on life. When someone presses the like button or leaves a comment on my blog I’m  always curious and check out your blog. What’s going on in your life? What’s important to you? Why does your blog focus on that particular area of life? And why has my post made an impact on you? Sometimes I find the answers to those questions, sometimes not.

Here’s the other thing I really love about blogging; its so egalitarian. Your age, religion, sexual preference, education, country of birth, language, ethnicity, political persuasion (well almost..), gender just don’t matter. When you connect with someone through blogging, it’s due to a common spark of interest in an idea, place or experience and all those calcified categories of separation disappear.

So thank you dear reader for hanging in there and taking the time to read my rants, well even if it was just a couple and I look forward to when we next connect in a post. But wait! I have one more letter to go! See you tomorrow on the” Z “post.

5 thoughts on “Y is for You, Yes You Dear Reader

  1. Well said! Love your words about all the connections with fellow bloggers. It really is a wonderful community. Thank you for tackling your brave A to Z postings. We followers have enjoyed the journey.

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  2. I’ve “met” so many wonderful people through blogging. It’s truly amazing how you can connect with people all over the world. I’m glad I took the plunge.
    Thanks for sharing your photos. Love the stone wall.


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